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Supply Chain Excellence a priority for Musgrave Retail Partners

Musgrave is a sixth-generation family business with strong values and a commitment to partnering with, and supporting, other family businesses. Musgrave is Ireland’s leading food retail and wholesale company feeding one in three people in Ireland and is the country’s largest private sector employer.

 With a turnover of €3.7 billion, the Musgrave Group, together with its retail partners in Ireland and Spain, employs 45,000 people. Having celebrated their 140th anniversary in 2016, the business has shifted to transitioning the business to be fit for purpose for the next 140 years. Their growth strategy is about seizing and responding to opportunities particularly in innovation, digital improvements, better stores and product ranges and developing more partnerships and business ventures that fit with their core expertise.

Musgrave Retail Partners is the division within the Group which services SuperValu and Centra stores in the Republic of Ireland. Over 17,000 ambient, chill and frozen lines are distributed through their supply chain from six regionally located distribution centres and they have the largest privately-owned road fleet in Ireland.

“With over 1,500 people working in our supply chain network focused on delivering an efficient and effective service to our retail partners, we can support Musgrave’s growth strategy in new and core business opportunities,” explained Eoin Butler, Supply Chain Director with Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland.

 Sustainability: “Taking care of our world”

At Musgrave, its overarching ambition is to be the most trusted and most sustainable brand in Ireland; making a real difference to people’s lives and creating a positive impact on the planet by working with its partners to make every community a sustainable community.

They have worked hard on this, delivering savings, efficiencies and reductions in their operational impacts over the past 15 years and as a Supply Chain team, they are committed to continuing to minimise the impact of their operations on the world around them and in utilising their network to influence others to do likewise.

Musgrave have developed a new sustainability strategy, “Taking care of our world” and, in order to deliver on their ambition, they have made 26 sustainability commitments under four key focus areas:

  1. Inspiring Healthier Lives

Improving the health of two million consumers across the island of Ireland.

  1. Building Sustainable Communities

Making a positive impact on the planet by enabling its partners to make every local community in Ireland a sustainable community.

  1. Sourcing Responsibly

Aiming to be the most trusted food operator across the island of Ireland, known for the integrity of its supply chain from farm to fork.

  1. Caring for our World

Minimising the impact of its operations on the world around them and using its network to influence others to do likewise.

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Health & Safety

Within Musgrave, they firmly believe that people are their most important resource. It’s their safety policy to be proactive in maintaining a Healthy & Safe working environment for all employees, visitors, contractors and customers who may be affected by their undertakings. Their ambition is to create a safe work environment where all colleagues are actively engaged, participate in making improvements within the workplace and accept ownership and accountability for what they do.

Headed up by their Health & Safety department, they have created a 3-year strategy for Health & Safety within their Supply Chain which will move them towards their ambition of becoming an industry leader and be best in class in what they do.

Fleet Innovation/Road Safety

Musgrave trialled several features on their fleet throughout 2017 and some will now feature on their fleet going forward:

  • The “rota-rail” safety under-run bar will be fitted as standard to all trailers, where the predominant routing is in the cities at times of higher pedestrian counts. The rail is an under-run guard and is designed to prevent pedestrians and cyclists from sliding underneath an articulated vehicle in the event of an accident.
  • On-board cameras will be fitted as standard to all rigid vehicles in the future.
  • Banksman lighting has been fitted to their trailers – a lighting solution giving additional light to the areas around the vehicle, which will keep their drivers and other road users safe when delivering to their stores on dark mornings.

Musgrave will be seeking to build an urban delivery vehicle which will showcase the best innovation in safety and environmental features to minimise pollution and noise whilst making the drivers’ role easier and faster.

They are currently awaiting the installation of an LPG tank in their Kilcock depot to trial LPG fuel and will be trialling an exciting new hybrid fridge unit which offers quiet and more environmentally-friendly operation.

Musgrave works closely with local communities and visits primary schools giving safety demonstrations on pedestrian and cyclist safety. Their drivers deliver these demonstrations and the school welcomes the opportunity to teach the children road safety. This year they feature in a road safety video made in conjunction with Cycle Right and RSA, which will be shown in all primary schools.

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Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland was presented with two awards at the 2018 Fleet Transport Awards:

  1. Best Safety Practice Award for safety enhancements made to their fleet and the work with the community, in schools and with the public, raising awareness of cyclists and pedestrian safety on our roads.
  2. Transport Manager of the Year Award was awarded to Colm O’Regan, Transport line manager based in Cork.

Health &Wellbeing

The Be Well, Work Well programme has been developed as Musgrave recognises that the Health & Wellbeing of their employees is of vital importance to them and to the continued success of the business. The programme is how Musgrave, as a business, will focus attention on the internal health culture of Musgrave.

Musgrave want to develop and foster a strong Health & Wellbeing culture amongst their employees and, in doing so, ensure that health becomes central to its way of thinking, working and contributing to making Musgrave a great place to work.

Health is increasingly important in the context of both commercial and brand development for the Musgrave business. Their health strategy “Growing Healthier Communities” highlights the unhealthy wider society landscape that we face as we look out to 2020 and recognises the shift change that is required for Musgrave Group to lead and be a credible stakeholder to positively influence the health agenda.


In order to protect and grow their business and to ensure ongoing improvements in competitiveness and servicing their retailers, Musgrave have invested in an upgrade to their warehouse management system (WMS).

Across the next three years, Musgrave will upgrade from its current WMS (SCM) to a newly built programme known as CSnx. The decision to select CSnx as the best WMS for their business sees Musgrave maintain a long-standing relationship with current providers WCS (Worldwide Chain Stores).

CSnx is a real-time system that is rich in functionality as well as being modern and user friendly for their employees. Musgrave is also the first company worldwide to implement this system. In an ever- changing industry, Musgrave are satisfied that CSnx is robust and agile enough to adapt to their needs for many years to come. It will be fully rolled out across all their distribution centres by Q4 2019.


“In supply chain, our people are our biggest asset, we have over 1,500 colleagues working across our supply chain network and each one of them has a commitment to the entire process with Musgrave’s ‘it starts with me’ working attitude,” Eoin Butler explains.

Musgrave has a strong emphasis on their staff being engaged, enabled and energized and, through employee surveys, they are always keen to hear the employee’s opinion, which allows them to identify key actions that will make a difference and further enhance the employee experience at Musgrave.









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